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    Business consulting services in Malta provided by a team of experts

    Any entrepreneur that takes himself and his business seriously, and that wants to become a respected market leader has to work with a professional business consulting firm. The services provided by ODAS Global Consulting leave a significant mark on your business, helping it grow and exceed your expectations. The office in Malta helps us be closer to you, in order to provide you with the necessary support for your business to grow profitable and successful.


    Gzira, Malta – a fantasticplace for your business

    Malta, a developed country, industrialized, with an advanced economy, joined the European Union in 2004 and became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and of the United Nations ever since 1964.

    Gzira, an important city of Malta, is both a beautiful tourist destination and a major financial center. This city has become home to a large community of entrepreneurs from various fields of activity, such as online betting, law firms, hotels, restaurants, financial institutions, among others.

    The real estate industry in Gzira has been continuously growing for the past five years in a row. Most of the buildings here were replaced with new, modern ones. In Gzira’s city center, however, the classic Maltese architectural style has been preserved. On Rue d’Argens for instance, where the ODAS office is located, you will find both tall, modern buildings, as well as reinterpreted and modernized buildings, dating back to the interwar period, that preserves the traditional Maltese architectural style.

    You can find the ODAS Global Consulting office in Malta inside the Savoy Gardens, Rue D'Argens, Gzira - GZR 1362 Gzira, GZR 1362, Malta.


    What does a professional business consulting firm do?

    There are plenty of positive aspects for entrepreneurs regarding the collaboration with a professional business consulting firm. The consultants that we work with at ODAS Global Consulting are experts in a wide range of fields, for instance, business and management consulting, accessing European funds, worldwide investments, architecture, lobbying, cybersecurity, etc.

    We provide you with the means and the necessary support, in order for you to reach your targets and goals that you’ve set for yourself and your business. The experience of almost two decades and the superior quality services that we provide have helped us gain the trust of hundreds of customers and, therefore, to become the number one consulting firm in business development.

    Choose to work with the best consulting firm on the market. ODAS leaves a powerful, significant mark on each and every business that we’ve ever collaborated with. We’ve managed to stand out from our competition by being a professional, competent, honest, loyal, respectful, and transparent consulting firm.

    Our customers’ needs always come first, for this reason, all of the services that we provide are customized according to your needs, desires, and requests. Our services are complex, starting from market research, and all the way to building an elaborate business plan that will help you face any obstacle in your way.

    With Gzira’s potential along with the professional business consultancy services provided by ODAS Global Consulting, your business can become more successful than ever.


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