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    European funds consulting in Bucharest

    Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and the main ODAS Global Consulting headquarters. It is located in the perfect area for business, inside the Business Center, Bulevardul Octavian Goga 2, București 030982. Bucharest is the most flourishing city in Romania, with an advanced and dynamic economy. The European funds consulting services provided by ODAS will help you make your dreams come true.


    ODAS Global Consulting

    ODAS Global Consulting has almost two decades of experience in providing superior quality consulting services. Over the years we have written countless winning projects and we’ve attracted to our customers over 350 mil EUR non-refundable funds. Our success rate is, on average, 98%. The ODAS Global Consulting group consists of experts in business consulting, management, accessing the EU funds, worldwide investments, architecture, lobby, and cybersecurity.

    The principles that we run by are transparency. Loyalty, honesty, respect, integrity, competence, and professionalism. These have brought us a lot of esteem and have helped us gain the trust of over 500 customers, therefore to become the number one consulting firm in business development.

    ODAS Global Consulting is without a doubt a top leader consulting company when it comes to accessing European funds, regardless of whether they are coordinated by the Romanian Management Authorities, by the European Commission, or even by the international agencies.


    European funds consulting services

    The non-refundable European funds are a valuable asset for any business, especially for the small and medium ones. A simple idea is not sufficient to access the EU funds, but with the help of a professional European funds consulting firm like ODAS Global Consulting, this process will run smoothly.

    Our professional consultants will help you throughout the entire process, providing you with constant support, making sure that all the forms are properly filled out. Our superior quality consulting services will ensure you a successful granting of the funds you need. The experience of our consultants and the high-quality services we provide, have propelled us among the first working groups in the company's fields, from Chambers of Commerce, Business Clubs, National, European and International Institutions.

    First, we will make sure that both you and your project are eligible for the program you’re applying to. The consultancy regarding accessing the EU funds will offer you a large number of development opportunities, therefore it needs to be professional, with a great eye for detail.

    Our consultants will fill out for you the application for a grant agreement, the declarations, and forms of annexes, in order to make sure they are 100% eligible. We will draw up and elaborate a complex investment plan. This is an important element for your dossier. ODAS Global Consulting will develop a professional investment plan that will increase your chances of granting the funds you need significantly. Our consultants will prepare your dossier for granting the financial aid you need, in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.

    ODAS Global Consulting is the professional European funds consulting firm that will help you grow your business in less than no time. Visit us in Bucharest for superior quality consulting services.


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