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    Professional business consulting services in Malta

    Gzira is a fast-growing city, with a high potential for any business, in any field of activity. ODAS Global Consulting provides professional business consulting services in order to help your business grow along with this amazing city. Our services will help you start or grow your business at a fast pace that will exceed your expectations.


    A top business consultancy firm visible all around the globe

    A professional consulting firm can have a high price, but it can attract even higher profits. ODAS Global Consulting provides professional services at a decent price, ever since 2003. We are an open, transparently honest, loyal, respectful, professional, and competent consulting firm. Our values, superior quality services, and vast experience have helped us gain the trust of hundreds of people and, therefore, become de number 1 consulting firm in business development.

    Throughout the two decades of experience, our company has grown dynamically, expanding all over the globe. Today we have offices in the USA, Asia, and Europe. The outcome of our superior quality consulting services will have a long-term impact on your business. We help your business grow into the profitable, successful business that you’ve always desired it to be. Our consultants provide complex services, plans, strategies, solutions, that will help your business reach its maximum profit as well as to grow optimum and sustainable.


    The best business consulting services in Malta

    Gzira is the perfect place in Malta to both start, or grow your business. This city is continuously growing, becoming both a famous tourist destination and a major financial center. Gzira is a freight transshipment point, as well as a real estate hot spot. The demand for real estate properties has continuously grown over the past five years. So has the online betting and financial sector, as well. Given the fact that it is a financial center with high economic potential, Gzira hosts a large community of entrepreneurs.

    The ODAS Global Consulting office is located in a beautiful, bright building inside the Savoy Gardens complex. We are a professional consulting firm working with expert consultants in order to make your business more profitable than ever. We are always ready to run in-depth market research to determine the market value and the business environment, as well as to build a complex business plan, customized according to your needs, desires, and requests.

    Your needs always come first for us, therefore we’ll make anything in our power to meet all of your requests and to deliver sustainable solutions. For top-quality business and management consulting, you can find us at Savoy Gardens, Rue D'Argens, Gzira – GZR 1362 Gzira, GZR 1362, Malta.

    We understand just how much work and effort is behind every business. That is why ODAS Global Consulting wants to be your reliable business partner, to guide you, and to provide you with sustainable solutions and innovative ideas. With Malta’s potential and our expertise, your business can thrive and become truly successful. More details about us and the services we provide can be found on our website, at


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