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    Profitable European funds consultancy in Malta

    European funds could be of high value for any business, regardless of whether you want to expand it or you have a business idea that you want to apply. These grants are accessible to anyone that uses the right means to do so. However, it can be a difficult and daunting process. That is why ODAS Global Consulting provides professional European funds consultancy services in order to help you get the financial aid that you need for your business.


    Gzira – a great location to start

    Gzira, located in the heart of Malta, the beautiful island in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, has a high potential for any business. It is a tourist location with plenty of attractive swimming spots, tourist spots, and outstanding views.

    Apart from being a tourist location, Gzira is also a financial center. It is known for its great air links that facilitate making international links, for the Gzira Gardens Marina, making this city a freight transshipment point, and for the real estate market. For the past five years, Malta has consecutively grown the volume and the number of properties purchased. The real estate market is in high demand from both local and foreign investors.

    Given the large number of entrepreneurs and investors that Gzira hosts, it is the best place to start, or grow your business. With the help of a professional consulting firm, your business can become profitable and successful in less than no time. You can find us inside the complex of Savoy Gardens, Rue D'Argens, Gzira – GZR 1362 Gzira, GZR 1362, Malta.


    ODAS Global Consulting & European funds consultancy

    Our company was founded in 2003, providing superior quality, complex consulting services, covering areas such as business, management, worldwide investment, accessing European funds, lobby, architecture, cybersecurity, and others. We have various offices all around the globe, in locations such as Washington, New York, London, Strasbourg, Brussels, Beijing, Romania, and, of course, Malta.

    For almost 20 years, we’ve provided our clients with superior quality European funds consulting services. We are an open, transparent, honest, loyal, respectful, professional, and competent consulting firm. This has helped us gain the trust of hundreds of customers and become the number 1 consulting firm in business development.

    In order to access the EU funding you need for your business, you should apply through a relevant regional or national authority as well as to be eligible for the program you apply to. The consulting services that ODAS Global Consulting provides regarding accessing the European funds offer you a large number of development opportunities.

    Our services offer complete support, therefore we complete the application for a grant agreement, draw up and elaborate an investment plan, complete the declaration and forms of annexes and prepare the dossier for granting the financial aid in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.

    Malta is the best place to start a business and the non-refundable European funds will help you do just that. ODAS Global Consulting is a professional European funds consultancy that wrote a wealth of winning projects and attracted over 350 million Eur to our customers. For superior quality consulting services, you can find us in Gzira, Malta, or online at


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