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    Investment consulting for guaranteed business success

    Malta, the beautiful island in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, has experienced intense economic growth during the last few years, therefore becoming, not just a tourist destination, but also a major financial center. Malta is the perfect place to make an investment, regardless of whether you want to make your business grow, or you have a business idea that you want to apply. Investment consultancy provided by ODAS Global Consulting will offer you the necessary tools and guidance in order to help you make the best decisions for your business success.


    Investments in Gzira, Malta

    Gzira is a beautiful city, located right in the center of Malta. This city’s originality comes from the contrast it creates. Gzira is both a tourist destination, with beautiful beaches and lots of tourist attractions, as well as an important financial center that hosts a large community of entrepreneurs, especially from the finance and online betting sectors.

    Another contrast of Gzira’s is created by the real estate boom. Not only has the number and volume of properties purchased continuously growing for the last few years, but most of the buildings in Gzira have been also replaced with new, modern ones. In the heart of the city, however, you will find both modern, elegant, and tall buildings, as well as vintage buildings, dating back to the interwar period, restored, reinterpreted, and modernized, yet respecting the classic, traditional Maltese architectural style.

    Other than real estate, Gzira is also known for the intense economic growth it has experienced lately. Some fields of activity have stood out throughout this period of time, such as online betting companies, financial institutions, law firms, hotels, restaurants, and many others.

    Gzira is a freight transshipment point as well, given the Gzira Gardens Marina. Malta's infrastructure and advanced economy, especially when it comes to Gzira, make it the perfect place for investment. You can find us in Gzira, inside the complex of Savoy Gardens, Rue D'Argens, Gzira – GZR 1362 Gzira, GZR 1362, Malta.


    Why you should choose ODAS Global Consulting?

    A professional investment consulting firm can provide you with valuable ideas and guidance. ODAS Global Consulting, due to our vast experience of almost two decades, will offer you modern, innovative, effective, and sustainable ideas and solutions. We will permanently assist you and help you make the best decisions in order for your investment to become profitable, and your business successful.

    The complete, efficient, and highly-qualitative investment services that we provide has made hundreds of customers happy and has helped us become a leading company in business development. They cover all the key elements of the investment process. Our consultants will run in-depth market research in order to determine the market value and to identify profitable investment opportunities. They will build a financing plan, a financial forecast related to your investment, and a complex business plan that will help you face any challenges and define your development direction, according to the business environment.

    Choose the professional investment consulting services provided by ODAS Global Consulting for a thriving, successful business.


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